Wednesday, July 18, 2012

heading H-O-M-E

so it is Wed evening here and we are about packed. I have a couple of things to still pick up and so as soon as Richard the guide is here with Kim's paperwork from the consulate we are going to go out and eat supper and do our last minute purchases.

 This trip I am not - so far - buying an extra suitcase but am bringing home one that Littlefield's had brought donated items in. Maybe we will send the suitcase with them next summer when Ed (Morgan) goes there to work the Blueberry fields...
Today we went to the pearl market and then walked back thru the shopping alleys and Kate got to experience shopping for dried lizards or scorpions or whatever else those items were! She and I spoke about how we are glad she came but sorry she did not have a wonderful time.
Kim....well she is still struggling at different times. Not horribly, just that she wanted some make-up that was to "white" and when i said no she took an attitude. She even took the same attitude with Richard but can be mom's way sometime. He told her that she can get the right color at home when we get there. She finally got told back here at the hotel (i had Morgan translate) that she is allowed to be mad, but she IS NOT allowed to be rude. So it stopped pretty much.

So we are packed, except for the couple items i want to pick up. We have to be ready for the van at 6:20 a.m. and off we go! Our route is GZ to Souel, Souel to Detroit and then Detroit to Peoria. Pray for safe travels, and although we need the rain so bad please pray for the rain storms to stop during the time we need to leave Detroit to get to Peoria.
the picture that is labeled 808 is dried cats ears. Good Lord what would that cure?



Blessthishome said...

Praying for adjustments and peace. Love the pictures! She is brave and soon she will know how blessed she is! So thankful YOU are her mom Ruth!
Kim in Alabama

Angie said...

I just met your sister at Michaels craft store this afternoon in Peoria. I was with my two daughters, both from China, and we got chatting about adoption. You have a beautiful family, and best wishes with your upcoming adoption! What a blessing!!

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