Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday in Guangzhou

Thank God Amy Littlefield likes elephants! she and kate rode the elephant at the safari park today...
kate seems to use a mask when she is uncomfortable. i am wondering if it replaces her blanket? she did have on the mask off and on today, and i never smelled elephant poo so i assume it was for comfort?
while at the safari today it POURED rain. the girls afterwards said they could have used the leaves as umbrellas..more in a bit

kim stopped carrie and i throughout the safari to pose for her picture to be taken. kim seems to really care about kate and will always reach for her hand or help her.
it was hot today but there was so much shade that we were ok, although it was a LOT of walking!
We got back to the hotel and rested for about 20 minutes then went to lucy's for supper. gotta love french fries. kate had a fillet and fries while kim had steak and prawn again. morgan had the chicken something she likes and carrie had a fried rice dish while penny had fried noodle plate. we topped it off with starbucks. gotta love starbucks!
tuesday kim and i have to be ready to leave by 8:50 am as our consulate appt is at 10 am. the girls are staying here with carrie and then kim and i are coming back here. we will finish what island shopping we want to do then richard is coming wed to take us to the pearl market. he picks up kims passport with her visa on it wed and then ta da we leave for home on thursday a.m. bright and early.
yeah!!! kim is buying earrings, she has very nice taste....


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