Monday, June 29, 2009

sorry, here's the photos

I did post two photos that Sharla took, the one of Addie and I and the one of the girls in the wheat...the one in the center photo is Sharla, then my Vicky on the was a nice 4 days!

Last days of the girls visit

I won't write a lot, will mainly show pictures....Penny and Abby did very well. Actually this past few days was a pretty good example of what it might be like with 6 girls here. Hopefully they all get along as well as our four and Sharla's two did! Not one argument, fuss, or anything...usually all were pretty well in agreement!
Sunday afternoon Sharla wanted to take pictures in the great Midwestern light that happens after 5 pm so she shot some pics here at the house and then we drove about 11 miles to a wheat field and stuck the girls out in it (it's itching, it's sticking me, this is terrible). The visit was good for Penny, Sunday when we were taking photos she again got very sad realizing Abby was going home the next morning but she was able to see that what Sharla and I had promised would happen. That we would do our best that the two girls would get to visit and see each other.
In a couple weeks we will be able to let Vicky see her best friend from China, Tao Zhu, as we will be visiting out there for almost a week. Another great opportunity for these girls to stay in touch and to visit.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few more photos

We attempted to go bowling Thursday in Kewanee, I had even called the bowling alley and their phone line was busy so assumed they were, so we went to the second bowling alley in Kewanee and they were closed third choice was Aunt Nanette's goats at the farm. Bingo she had just had a set of triplets born the night before, the goats were a hit plus they have a bucket calf and everyone experienced it sucking on their fingers, although Addie had her whole hand up to her wrist in its mouth. Yuck!

Friday we went to downtown Peoria to the riverfront and the girls complained it was we walked across to the antique center to see the train set up to find that it was not set we went to Steak and Shake for lunch then came home...but still it seemed fun was had.

Saturday we went for bowling in Peoria, I called and yes this bowling alley was open! Cosmic bowl was great....then home to experience a thunder storm, and cook dumplings and sticky rice.

Today we cook out and swim.

Finally time to post photos

We have had a great time except for a rash of places not being open or a rain shower or two....Last night Sharla and the girls got to experience a Midwestern thunder storm all while Sharla kept the dumplings cooking on the stove! She sure is a trooper!

Just by chance last night I dialed the girls Foster mothers phone number which we have not been able to get thru on for months and she answered! Penny stumbled for quite awhile with her Chinese language and then after several deep breathes and false starts got started talking to mama G and had a wonderful conversation. Abby was able to say hi but really was not able to visit much...

Today my dad and Bev, Eric and Drew are coming for lunch. Dad, Bev and Eric were in China with us and know Sharla and the girls...Dad has called daily asking how the reunion has been going so will get to see first hand today.
I feel that it is important that the girls keep in touch and visit...we will have to continue making this happen!
Last night Sharla gave me a lesson in making dumplings and I was amazed to find out how easy they are...they will be made more often in this house! Penny, Abby, McKenzie and Vicky showed us their expertize in making the dumplings...Addie and Kate caught on pretty fast!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are they on the plane on not?

We got to the airport with plenty of time, had some ice cream while we waited for Abby, her mom Sharla and her sister McKenzie to all arrive. Penny was doing pretty good but I could tell that she was growing nervous as the time came closer. They finally announced that the plane had landed and we waited, we waited, we waited...the line of people coming out slowed...then stopped. Penny was then starting to act more and more nervous and ahhh! I saw Abby at the top of the stairs waiting outside of the bathroom and I leaned over and said in Penny's ear "there she is honey, she has on the red shirt...see her?" and Penny leaned forward and looked and looked and then saw her and theeeeeen, and theeeeen, Penny burst into tears.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tonight is a big night!

We head to the airport to pick up Penny's foster sister , Abby, from China and Abby's sister and mom Sharla! They have not seen each other for a year so we are thinking this might be a great reunion to experience! They are then staying with us til Monday when they will fly back home.

We have talked about a lot of things the last few days-Penny, what do you think Abby will call you? Your Chinese name Li Juan. your English name Penny or your "special name" Juan Juan? (Penny is not sure) Penny what do you think you will call Abby? Li Hong? Hong Hong or Abby (Penny is not sure) Penny are you ever going to clean up your room? (I keep thinking I do it tomorrow and .....) Penny are you going to let Abby sleep with you? (I don't know, she kicks a lot! But Penny now you have a big bed, in China you had a twin bed that you both slept in...Ok Mom maybe she sleep with me) Penny are you going to hug her when you see her? (I am not sure mom)

We have made lots of e-mails back and forth to our guide in Chongqing and she has contacted the foster mom (we call her mama G) and she is setting up a Skype account so hopefully the girls can call and see her while together. We e-mail back and forth but there has not been the site available.

It amazes me to look at the photos of Penny from a year ago and notice the huge change in her!

We will post pictures the next few days or so so everyone can follow the reunion!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The "new" daughters

A family is in China now adopting a son from the same SWI that our waiting daughters are at and we sent them two identical photo albums, and two little bags of gifts for the girls that they then hand carried to China with them and delivered them to the directer of the SWI. They explained that the girls were going to be sisters and showed them our photos and the gift bags we had sent...we understand the directer was very happy with this news and has promised to share this information and gifts with the will be so nice if they know this hope is out there for them, and that they can share the scared feelings they have....
We still have no idea of travel time, but I am praying for early Aug travel so possibly the start of school and Claude's schedule won't all collide! Also they talk about this flu coming back stronger in the fall and who wouldn't want to be home before fall flu season?
This week the older girls here at home are studying four out of five days, again word comprehension is foremost and catching up on class's that they miss while out for extra help. Learning the states and capitols shows a lot of pronunciation of certain letters that need extra help and here I have never, and I mean NEVER have I been able to pronounce Massachusetts and here I am trying to help them learn the states and pronounce them correctly...poor girls....Penny is doing 6th grade Algebra and Vicky is getting down fractions a lot skip a child from 2nd grade to 4th will show you how much a child learns in each grade!
Addie and Kate are reading up a storm....doing some crafts, feeding the chickens and today played alligator (no idea what that game is but Carrie does still have her arms and legs so must not have been to bad of a game) and we have finally gotten to the point where we are going to put up the pool. The temperatures just have not been warm enough to even consider it!
Claude bought 120 baby pheasant at the sale barn Friday night, when will I ever learn that I go out of town and he goes to the sale barn to bring home more? :) One time when I was out of town he called me and said oh honey you will really like a lead in. Well "him" was a paint colt, wild as a March hare, from Canada that had been at the monthly horse sale. We kept Canuk for several years and was a beautiful horse.....along with about six others that "I would really like". (kidding Claude, really I am kidding)
We have great celebrations as my dad is feeling well after his "small" heart surgery to repair a blocked artery. He and Bev even went out dancing last Thursday evening. You just can't keep a good man down! Praise God for answered prayers of his health, the Dr's skilled hands and for he and Bev paying attention to all the signs of a problem. I imagine lots of people might have tried an antacid, or the approach of maybe I will feel better in the morning. Thankfully instead they went to the hospital.
Until next time, blessings to all R

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Over due update

No excuses...just been very very busy! The house is about done, finally! Few more areas of dry wall compound needed, a bit of paint, and one more room of curtains...then a good dusting and I call it quits!

School is out but here that means one week of no school and then school starts again. Penny and Vicky will have a summer school tutor here at home three days a week. They will catch up on social studies and science BUT the way they will be learning is to enhance English language comprehension. The girls leave these two classes daily at school to receive extra help at school so we will just catch them up during the summer. Three days a week will give them still time to have a is 4 hours a day and then the rest of the day can be the pool, etc. Addie and Kate will keep reading and moving forward in learning too, but not as scheduled as Penny and Vicky.

Our adoption paperwork has moved along perfectly. Our last date to remember was the log in date of the dossiers in China. That date is 5-21-09. By all of my figuring I see us in China in August. I can only pray that it is no later than August!

We had a great idea today and handed Penny the camera and had her take some photos of us. She really did a good job we think. We will be FedExing two identical photo albums and letters to the a family that leaves this week to adopt a child also from the same CWI as where the girls are in China. We had Penny translate a letter to each of the girls, and also to the CWI director whom we have asked to have the girls know that they will be sisters and to spend some time together. We hope this would be some comfort to them. We kept the package very small so we don't take up any space of the family's luggage, a disposable camera for each, hand creme, hair thingys...lifesavers...and the photos. We also pray that they go ahead and give these to the girls now so they can prepare themselves for being adopted and being part of our family.
We picked up our new van this weekend. We bought a ford Tuscany van that seats 10. It seems that it will work OK for us. Well, once I can figure out how to turn on the t.v. in it...most of you are probably thinking give the girls the remote and let them figure it out...I did and they could not either. Hopefully the dealership will be able to figure it out.
We have figured out Skype...that is great! We even figured out the video cam option on the computer and it is great! This allowed Vicky to see her English tutor and our friend Zoe in Zunyi City China...and our friend Kelly in the Philippines...and when I go to China we will be able to use it to talk to all at home.
I will try to do a better job updating....just got caught up with the girls finishing up at school, paperwork for the girls adoptions, work, and trying to finish up the house all the while having fun with the girls!