Tuesday, July 10, 2012

adopted, tears of goodbye

this is the chandler that welcomes you into the Dolton hotel. very grand. but don't worry there is nothing to do here...thursday we are going to a silk factory and today we did go to walmart. we bought water for the room oreo's and fruit. kate has been eating mashed potatoes that i brought to make, and we have ritz crackers that i brought peanut butter and nutella for.

today we did the adoption papers and put our finger print o our names. kim is officially ours! and we are officially hers. after doing all that i asked the guide to explain that the swi people were leaving to go back to loudi and that we would not see them again. that was when tears were shed. the ladies did so well with her and they cried also...i have this rule of let's move forward to keep moving into the future and so even though i felt i could also cry i kept all moving forward all the time telling them thank you for having cared for our daughter. a few bracelets and nail polish later at walmart and the tears have dried...they will be shed many times again we all know but for now we are good.

the photo of the guy in a red t shirt, kim and another lady are of our guide richard, and amy also a guide but both are employees of LWB and Amy has known kim for the time that she was at the swi as she got her sponsored at the school she attended. our family values LWB thru the years and again share that feeling.

in about an hour mama G and her family will be here. penny has not felt perfect today but soon will and so we are resting until the get here. we arranged to spend about 24 hours with them....right now i feel that things are going good...and pray they continue this way!

addie the blue nail polish was perfect that we bought you! gracie we are looking for sugar cane for you...vicky are you sure you don't want a dress from here? they are sooo cute! and judy, kim loves chicken feet. i have taught her the sign language sign for throw up and i keep telling her i am going to throw up if i eat them. so you and her now can share chicken feet!

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Rita and John said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Congratulations! We adopted our son from Loudi in 2009.