Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Changsha

so yesterday penny and kate "did" kims hair. then put all the do-dads back in! love the braids. at first she was not to sure about it but then she did accept it. i had though several times thru the day i saw sad eyes and a tremble at the mouth so was not sure if she was going to accept them messing with her hair. later we were going to go out, walk to the book store and we had to wait for a bit for the guide so kate entertained all with getting them to do si do..even kim got into it. amy and bills little girl maddie is such a hoot! the girls have her doing the heart sign such as a taylor swift....

ok so the guy doing dishes along the street is not the food stand we ate at! can you imagine?? we have been very careful eating...this time i simply did not want to miss out on some of the fruit opportunities so this time my checked luggage contained two very sharp hunting knives :) and so we are having dragon fruit, pears, apples, etc here in the room along with the occasional instant noodles, mashed potato's and cereal. (kate still has one box of fruit loops she is keeping for a bad day) and of course the chicken feet. yuck...the lotus bloom gone to seed is something that kim has shown us has seeds inside sort of like a grape looking thing that you peel and eat. it really isn't to bad. you can buy those heads all around. when we finally got to the bookstore there were displays all around. this one looks like a ship. we bought a few books but learned a long time ago that the problem with books is the weight adds up really fast! and luggage weight is now so limited that it is hard to haul stuff back.

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