Wednesday, February 25, 2009

update on our house addition progress

Today the guys put primer on all of the main level and hope to paint the ceiling tomorrow, not sure how they are going to do this since I have the paint chips and they are about 30 miles away already....the floor tile for the dining area is all in the house ready and they will deliver the hard wood flooring next Tuesday. That will be installed as soon as the tile is done. The bedrooms are all to be done yet this week too so all is moving along pretty well! On a side note though, I am sure Coal our dog will be sad when this is done...since it has been so cold we have been putting him inside the downstairs at night...and while the guys are working they let him hang out in there with them....come on spring is all I can say! Be sure to read the post below...i posted and then forgot to write this. R

Life lesson

Life lesson at our house the other night… the two oldest girls want to raise Hamsters and sell them..I sat with them and came up with an expense list of “starting” their business. I personally had hoped that the expense list would stop the joint venture for lack of funds or no interest in spending their money on additional cages, food and water bottles, but they still could prove profit, even after spending the initial set up of an estimated $75 (I elevated the $$ even trying to get this discouraged), and had enough money to share the costs, so I guess as of last Saturday they are officially in the business of raising and selling Hamsters. I figure this school year they will just about be able to max out selling to their class and they had better hope they have new classmates next year to sell to - my life is crazy to say the least.