Saturday, July 14, 2012

Leaving Changsha, hello Guangzhou

ok so yea i just had to do it!!!
 31 floors up and yes i let her sit on the window sill as i figured as soon as we got home claude would have her under lock and key and she would never get the opportunity to again experience the sense of wonder that heights offer you!!
we checked out on friday of the Dolton hotel in changsha...totally nothing to do that we found there except to try to stay cool in the awful heat. we got to the airport and the flight was delayed so again a very long evening of flight to GZ and then a 45 minute ride to the was midnight by the time we got to the hotel.
the victory hotel on the island is nice. i just sincerely appreciate the slower pace of the island than having stayed off the island and am glad of the choice. morgan and penny reunited with Peter the shop owner and gave kate an introduction to bargaining. today, saturday kim and i went to the clinic and she passed with flying colors and good lord but she was even able to see the tiny print at the bottom of the chart. i am not sure that i can even see that line with my glasses on and but a few feet away. then of course the blasted vaccines. she had to have four of them and a tb test injected under the skin on her forearm. i hate that they have to have all of these at the same time. we are keeping tylenol in her and letting her rest. tonight we are taking it easy here in the room so kim can take it easy, then sunday am we meet the dexters and go to church her on the island and then back to their apartment for Spaghetti !!! last year it was great and i am sure it will be again. we are all looking forward to eating it.

right now penny and kim are sitting here learning the days of the week in sign language! good time spent together.


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