Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our hearts

So every time we have committed to adopting our daughters I have put on a red bead bracelet and worn it all the way to China and usually it has been put in a suitcase, or given to our daughter...This past July though when I was in China I wore my red bead bracelet that I had worn since the previous Nov when we had sent our Letter of Intent for our daughter Penny and when we got her I took the bracelet off...i put it back on...then a few days later I took it off again. To put it back on...Finally after a couple more times of this I just left it on and came home with our daughter have to know that this red bead bracelet is one that comes with a collection of maybe three other colors where there is a bracelet and a necklace..maybe $3 at Wal mart for this child's set of it had lasted thru a lot already and seemed pretty darn strong yet.... to stay on my arm for sure!
After I got home it was spoke about off and on about another daughter...Claude said he had always wanted night Penny and Vicky came and said they wanted to talk to us, please sit down on the we did and they told us they thought we should adopt another sister for them. They knew how old she should be, even where her bed would be plus that they should go with me to get her so they could help her not be scared since I don't speak Chinese but they do and also that Eric their brother has to go again as he was fun and helped Penny a lot when he was in China with me...amazing how this Red Thread has us all tangled together!
We have got everything in action and have committed to adopting a little girl, age 12 ....we are sure this will be another amazing ride! Please follow along the journey! As we follow all of our hearts...again to China.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nov update

Sorry this update has taken so long....the flu and cold season has certainly hit the Coats household! Please say prayers that we are now done for the season. I am trying to catch up from being out almost everyday this week with Kate, Addie and Penny all three being sick and Claude with a sore throat and sinus too! Thank goodness Vicky is staying so healthy!

We all went trick or treating and had a great time, we could not have asked for better weather. Claude has succeeded in getting all his girls in Camo....we go down into the timber all the time on the Mule and lately we are getting so many eggs that hard boiled eggs are snacks :) Please enjoy the photos!