Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A lot of you know we are adopting again, others are gonna be shaking their heads saying I thought you said seven was completion? Well I think we will practise eight (daughters) is enough. Myself, Morgan, Penny, Kate and my sister Carrie leave Thursday July 7th for Changsha, Hunan Province, China to being the new Kim Coats home. Age is 13, and we pray she loves us and accepts us. Please say prayers for safe travel, good health, and cooler weather! Also include Claude and the girls that are at home as he goes into "Lock Down Mode" and orders everyone to not get sick, not get hurt, don't ask to go anywhere! My sincere thank you to our family, to Cindi and Crystal, our sons, our daughter in-laws and friends for the care you give to them at home. We will get home Thursday July 19th into Peoria about 10 p.m. While in China we will see Morgan's foster parents, Penny's foster mama and meet the caretaker of Kates, Yue Yan, that so cared for her that she named her own daughter Kate's Chinese name Jia Xin. This will be the first time that they will meet each other since 2004. Thank you for following the blog and the prayers. The photo is the last one we received of Kim.


Larry Barcroft said...

God's blessings and travel mercies to all of you, Ruth.
We will remember you and your family in prayer while you are in China to adopt your new Coats girl!
I know she is going to bond, and fall in love with her new forever family!

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