Tuesday, July 10, 2012

birthday cake!!

can you tell from the hunched shoulders she was just shuddering in delight? Maddie turned five today and the hotel sent her a cake that Bill and Amy shared with all of us! and yes it was good! Maddie tried her hardest to get her mama Amy to stick her finger in the cake too! i think Maddie has settled into the family like a dream and boy are they in for a ride! She is just the cutest thing to watch and they are adjusting well.

i will send photos soon of mama g and her family that arrived today. this is penny's foster mama and her son and his family. when we last saw the grandson he was crawling and now he is five! he likes the matchbox cars we brought and mama g said he calls me his u.s. grandma.
kim, myself and kate took a ride to the police station with our guide this afternoon as kim is over 13 so she has to sign for her passport. kate walked the distance we had to with her sweatshirt sleeve over her nose. but she is starting to venture a little into the chinese food. she has also started enjoying her self a bit.
kim is still doing well, admitted that she does not like to ride in the cars and is not used to this city traffic. penny's tummy is feeling much better. morgan really is great with mama g and seems to enjoy talking to her. i value morgans ability to talk to her in chinese! so far we are counting down the days to leaving changsha so we can be at gz...who cannot like gz?

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