Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let the countdown begin!!

so how prepared am i not??
i did not buy anything for kim to give her when we meet. for some reason i am still drawn back to taking her fresh flowers and i think i saw there is a flower shop here in the hotel so i am going to follow my lead...for some reason God always provides me witht hose thoughts and words so i do pay attention and follow.
 i layer and prayed again that kim in these final hours is with an open heart and with the mental and physical strength to go thru the adjustment time. that she is willing to accept us, but i also prayed that the girls with me, that carrie and i and those surrounding us are giving the strength and guidance to help her.

last night late we met amy and bill littlefield. i think them and claude and i would be great personal friends...sort of like four peas in a pod it seemed. i will write more at some point about the gift that they gave myself and eight daughters...but i will say that sea glass is a rare treasure but to have 9 pieces all of the same blue hue, blue my favorite color is more than awesome.

the girls are doing good. kate i will write at sometime to parents thinking of bringing a child for a homeland tour or even just a tcip that is possibly out of their comfort zone. i was thankful yesterday when the plane landed in changsha that kate looked at me, with the mask held over her nose holding a bit of my perfume smell to help her thru the smells of china, that she was feeling so much better already as she could see the sun, that the sun was out here. and sure enough she only has had a couple periods of stress where she would drop onto the bed and lay down but she pulled right out of it and has been rocking and rolling to the point that i told her and penny at midnight they had to knock it off!

penny on sunday a.m. told me her tummy felt bad, it had the night before too, i had marked it up to tired praying it was not food illness, etc.and in just a few moments she had her hand across her face hiding and was crying. where do i get the words that come after let me get the trash can if you are going to throw up! to comfort her and to say honey are you sure you want to see mama g or you are missing mama g? (pennys foster mama who is meeting us here in changes ) and it was she is simply missing her and was overwhelmed in the waiting for her. so some tylenol for the headache from tears and thankfully was able to put away the trash can.

morgan told me that an aunt was bringing a gift for her to the airport(oh God where would we put that along with the 25 pounds of english walnuts and the gallon of honey they so wonderfully gave carrie and i and the pumpkin and sunflower seeds?) and when we were at the beijing airport i was so careful with her as i know she was searching the crowds for the aunt. as going thru security she still did not realize that this would not happen as she was thinking they could come to us wherever we were but when sitting at the gate she said simply well i guess they not coming. mom do you have her card she gave us. so i got it out and she found there is an email for her there and knows we can email them pictures and updates now where in the past it was only by phone that they caught up. this lady is the foster fathers sister so we will send photos, etc. the only photos on the foster families walls were of them with morgan on the day they were told she as going back to the swi and a photo of her when she was either 2 or 7 i cannot remember at the moment. none of their biological children. she was so so loved by this family.

so today we get kim...after a year of waiting! i will update with photos as soon as we have a moment, we are to first Skype with claude when we get back to the room and then the girls when they wake up in their morning....

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