Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mama G and Dimples

penny and mama g have really enjoyed each others company.
mama g's grandson chowed down on pizza and it was funny to see him eating it with chopsticks and penny with her hands...
morgan is so in her element and really likes mama g's daughter in-law. they decided what to order for all of us, kim requested one dish and it was a dish of chopped pig intestin's with lots of hot spicy stuff in it. but she really loved it.
we took photos of us afterwards...kim has greatly appreciated the i-pod and thank you to judy, vicky and whoever else loaded it with the music, etc. she has really taken to it plus likes the camera in it. i was so glad when we went to the civil affairs office today as the swi staff brought a back pack and a duffle bag of kims stuff.
yesterday she showed up with nothing! what a welcome sight to see those two bags, but now i am dying to know what is in them. kim is hoping to get her ears pierced.
 we will get that done in the u.s. thank you. this city there is nothing to do so far that we have found. we did go to awl mart today and then on thursday we are going to a silk factory.

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