Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas 2010 update

Currently we are waiting for the one piece of paper that everyone waits for during an adoption and that is travel approval. In case you missed one or two of our posts we are adopting again. Our seventh adoption, our seventh daughter and she is seventh in the birth order of our eleven. This means completion I am sure! We hope it will be here the first two weeks of January and then we can plan on leaving the 2nd Thursday of February. Nothing like having a plan! We have a small package heading to China now, it is being hand delivered to Tao Ming Z. Hopefully they will get to see her and show her photos and hopefully get some measurements...I always like to get their feet size so I can take new shoes....who doesn't like new shoes?
The girls and the boys here are all ready for Christmas. Their lists are made out and cannot be changed now...the elves are resting the final week of Christmas you are a couple updated photos of all of us, enjoy and Merry Christmas to all. Claude, Ruthi and our family