Wednesday, July 11, 2012


photo 1 is mama g holding onto kim, i took this picture because this lady to me has always shown such care for not only our daughters but even other children without parents. the next is of kate...we walked around a city block, or was it 6? and kate got very hot. so hot she finally asked me to carry her. scary? it is not as hot as at home but the humidity was very high...mama g dabbed several drops of a small bottle of greenish stuff between her thumb and fingers, then on the back of her neck in three spots...i kept the water in her and morgan gave her her battery powdered fan. kate admitted that after the mama g drops that she started feeling better right away. we now have 6 bottles of it as it is for headaches, getting to hot, a cold, etc...mama g said i needed this many bottles because we have so many girls. got kate back to hotel and put a cold towel on her feet and around her neck and she felt better fast. mama g came in about 45 minutes to check on her and kate showed she had performed a miracle by jumping on the bed and laughing. morgan has been a godsend this trip. her chinese understanding is so great. yes she stumbles over some of it but she has done so well. she actually posed for this photo!

I just love the dimples that kim has! she also showed huge interest at breakfast with two sign language books that amy brought to us. amy feels she can develop speech although will be really enjoyed amys interest in showing her the sign language alphabet. penny got her foster sister in-law sunglasses as her gift she had brought to her so they posed together. we are going to go to a book store tonight, waiting until about 5 pm to go though so not so hot. personally i am hoping for some ice cream. and get this, i have checked every store we have went by looking for diet soda...NONE

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Emmy said...

Poor Kate! Praying that she will do better in Guangzhou!