Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The reason I have not posted in awhile

Is because not only do I get up at 5:15 A.M. everyday, get a cup of coffee, kiss Claude good bye as he heads to work, visit with Victoria (Vicky is now Victoria) who is always awake early, start waking up the little girls, get a hot breakfast on for the girls, Penny sleeps in as she said she can get ready fast, then send the girls off either on the bus for school or they can wait and I will drive them the 6 miles into school, but then I have to attempt to curl my hair (I fail in this department, ask my co-workers about my hair complaints) I get ready myself then I head to the office where I am a partner in a food, feed and non-perishable broker business and work all day, do more adoption paperwork, am Christmas shopping a bit on-line and at lunch time, but then we started, in addition to these full time jobs Claude and I hold, a new addition to our house. We just needed a better set up having five girls and ourselves, our visiting sons, finally we will have a laundry room not a laundry closet, and three more bedrooms, a great room, and a tornado shelter (thank goodness). So I am also busy picking out lighting, ordering shingles, windows, etc., to keep ahead of the builders!
Please if you are considering adopting check out the Hope Project at and look at the beautiful waiting children there. I pray that all of these children find their forever families soon! #22 did, she is ours :) stay inside where it is warm lately and check back, I will try to update more often. Ruthi