Friday, December 16, 2011

a life (and physical) changing experiance

left-this was the moment Judy and Vicky, and the rest of us got to see the full extent of the 5.63 inches added to her height.

right-one of Judy's friends, Sarah, she was helping get Judy in the car to come home, but through Judy's stay at the hospital she also cared and comforted her.

the pain button was her best friend at times, the x-ray on the left is before, on the right is after.

December 6th Claude, myself and Judy checked into the Children's Hospital in St. Louis, MO for spinal fusion surgery. We were all thankful for what was a fast start to getting changed into surgery clothes, vitals taken, medical information sharing, and a perfectly set up I.V. on the first try. Judy had to receive a massive dose of an antibiotic since she was going to have a lot of metal rods and screws put in the back plus some artificial "bone". This med can create itching, and getting very warm...thankfully Bendadryl solves the itching and cold rags helped the warm face. We called Vicky on the phone and shared prayers as Judy was getting sleepy from pre-surgery meds and then said our good byes to her at the doors to surgery. Claude and I both had tears, praying for this child who waited forever to be adopted and to come America for the best Dr. to treat her Scoliosis. And for what we knew she would be going through during recovery. The surgery started at 9 a.m. and we did not see her in recovery until about 6:30 p.m. and when we did we saw a child attached to three I.V.'s and a central line, compression socks, heart monitors, simply everything....but she opened her eyes to say to us thank you Mama, thank you Baba...oh baby thank YOU!

Judy was in PICU overnight, the next morning when Dr. Linke came in to see her she opens her eyes to say Thank you, Dr. How humbling this child is in her gratefulness. She sat up on the side of the bed while yet in PICU, was moved to a regular room that afternoon, which turned out to be the same one we were in with with Gracie in 2010!

On this floor Judy continued to touch everyone with her thank yous, she called the nurses girlfriend or friend, and they all were simply the best ever! We had to deal with several pleasant things, balloons and stuffed animals sent to her, wonderful care from the providers, great pain team to keep her comfortable...but some yucky things too, breathing treatments, laying flat on her back and not able to turn to throw up (imagine long hair all around her now covered in it) getting up several times a day to walk (she stayed very very strong and walked as far as they wanted to each time).

Judy was released on Tuesday afternoon, a week after her surgery. The Nurses aid Sarah and I got her in the car, her and i held hands and I said just be strong and brave Judy for this 4 hour ride home. She had a wonderful smile for me. What a daunting thing to face, a four hour ride with a spinal the Alton, IL exit I let my friends Mark and Barb know that we had went past their check point and things were ok and she sent me back the message that she had placed Angels all around our car to get us home. This message stayed with me the whole ride home! Thank you Babs.

We stopped in Springfield next and she got moved to the back seat to lay down and she rode the rest of the way home there. Claude opened the door here at home and looked down over her and she just giggled in delight to be home. I felt like crying in relief to be home!

We are so thankful for Judy having came through this HUGE surgery safely, for Dr. Leinke and his whole team of nurses, pain management, and all for handling this child's health and care as if it were themselves being treated. We are thankful for the 6 girls at home that handled the separation of family during this time as well as they did, and for our family helping or offering to help. Thank you to Carrie and Jodi for the care, and the daunting task of taking 6 girls to get their photos taken, to Cindy and Crystal for filling in here at home besides everything else you do for us. Judy's recovery will be in stages, the first two months the critical time of healing, after that it is 6months of limited activity and then for the rest of a year she still has to be careful. right now she is to lay straight, and has to be helped sit, lay, get up, with no twisting. Even washing her hair now is a task as her back cannot get wet. Everyday will get easier we are she wanted to do Match class so now she is resting until it amazing child! And the even better parts to this story is that Judy has seen God answer her prayers and learned that He does listen to you. Plus she "grew" 5.63 inches in height. Please continue keeping her in your prayers....will be a long recovery.


Erika said...

There are tears of joy, and thankfulness for all the love you have given these girls. I miss hearing about their lives at work. It is a blessing. Adoption is a neat thing, and yet you have provided all these young girls with the love of Christ and and warm home with family and friends.
Merry Christmas!
Erika Childs

Faye said...

We're so thankful that Judy is doing so well. We're also thankful that we met you during our journey and we'll continue to keep you, Judy and all of the Coats clan in our prayers! God bless you all!

Amy said...

Wow, I just read through some of your more recent blog posts, and simply stand amazed at your family! So happy to read that your Judy did so well with her spinal surgery--I will have to read back in your blog to get all the back story...thanks for sharing your family!