Sunday, July 15, 2012

sunday spaghetti and tears

today the Dexter family made the trek to the island and we went to church here with the chinese-english service and then got to experience a subway ride, mcdonalds then the bus to get to their apartment in GZ. we enjoyed their spaghetti dinner, lettuce salad topped off with homemade bread and chocolate cookie bars! all served with iced tea and ICE!
afterwards Joy and i and kim went off to a separate room and spoke with kim, asking if she had questions, she said she has not ever had hearing aids, and that she has been deaf since a small child.

She spent time crying as she misses her caretaker and we talked about how she could call her back at the hotel (she has called her and spoke to her and she did not have tears during the call) we spoke about how when we visit china that all of our daughters get to see the people that love them. and we talked of how Joy is our friend and is forever hers too.

 kim is worried about not being able to learn English and joy reassured her how smart she is and that she will learn fast. i told her that judy is a wonderful sister and will help her, i felt that judy was the last to have came and so has the most sympathy for the situation..i still say if it was us adults going thru this adoption trial that we would still have our heads under the pillow a year later. we told her how brave she is.i like how she watches for kate, holding her hand and kate willing accepts it.
we came back by taxi, the driver was a safe driver and i tipped him gratefully!! morgan, kate and i walked down and got our laundry, and some treats at the subway and back to the room. so far the tb test looks ok, a tiny pink but i think there is a circle that it has to stay within so we should be good. we get that checked in the am and then off to the safaria...should be a good hot day for that!!

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