Monday, June 29, 2009

Last days of the girls visit

I won't write a lot, will mainly show pictures....Penny and Abby did very well. Actually this past few days was a pretty good example of what it might be like with 6 girls here. Hopefully they all get along as well as our four and Sharla's two did! Not one argument, fuss, or anything...usually all were pretty well in agreement!
Sunday afternoon Sharla wanted to take pictures in the great Midwestern light that happens after 5 pm so she shot some pics here at the house and then we drove about 11 miles to a wheat field and stuck the girls out in it (it's itching, it's sticking me, this is terrible). The visit was good for Penny, Sunday when we were taking photos she again got very sad realizing Abby was going home the next morning but she was able to see that what Sharla and I had promised would happen. That we would do our best that the two girls would get to visit and see each other.
In a couple weeks we will be able to let Vicky see her best friend from China, Tao Zhu, as we will be visiting out there for almost a week. Another great opportunity for these girls to stay in touch and to visit.

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You're such a good mommy.