Monday, June 29, 2009

sorry, here's the photos

I did post two photos that Sharla took, the one of Addie and I and the one of the girls in the wheat...the one in the center photo is Sharla, then my Vicky on the was a nice 4 days!


The Eubank Family said...

Oh my gosh! I love the pictures. The one of the girls in the wheat field is beautiful, and the one of you kissing our Addie, sweeeeet!
We need to catch up. :)

Sharla said...

I am laughing SO hard... That is such an attractive picture of 'pack mule' mom...holding everything...the story of my life!!

We had so much fun... I'm still editing photos and will put some up on our blog tonight and tomorrow!!

Sharla said...

p.s. That attractive picture comment should have been followed by a huge NOT! LOL... I didn't know I could open my mouth so wide!!

Susan said...

So nice you can keep these girls in touch with each other. I hope we can keep all our "hope" kids in touch also.

Four Times The Chaos.... said...

Great pics!!