Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few more photos

We attempted to go bowling Thursday in Kewanee, I had even called the bowling alley and their phone line was busy so assumed they were, so we went to the second bowling alley in Kewanee and they were closed third choice was Aunt Nanette's goats at the farm. Bingo she had just had a set of triplets born the night before, the goats were a hit plus they have a bucket calf and everyone experienced it sucking on their fingers, although Addie had her whole hand up to her wrist in its mouth. Yuck!

Friday we went to downtown Peoria to the riverfront and the girls complained it was we walked across to the antique center to see the train set up to find that it was not set we went to Steak and Shake for lunch then came home...but still it seemed fun was had.

Saturday we went for bowling in Peoria, I called and yes this bowling alley was open! Cosmic bowl was great....then home to experience a thunder storm, and cook dumplings and sticky rice.

Today we cook out and swim.

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