Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tonight is a big night!

We head to the airport to pick up Penny's foster sister , Abby, from China and Abby's sister and mom Sharla! They have not seen each other for a year so we are thinking this might be a great reunion to experience! They are then staying with us til Monday when they will fly back home.

We have talked about a lot of things the last few days-Penny, what do you think Abby will call you? Your Chinese name Li Juan. your English name Penny or your "special name" Juan Juan? (Penny is not sure) Penny what do you think you will call Abby? Li Hong? Hong Hong or Abby (Penny is not sure) Penny are you ever going to clean up your room? (I keep thinking I do it tomorrow and .....) Penny are you going to let Abby sleep with you? (I don't know, she kicks a lot! But Penny now you have a big bed, in China you had a twin bed that you both slept in...Ok Mom maybe she sleep with me) Penny are you going to hug her when you see her? (I am not sure mom)

We have made lots of e-mails back and forth to our guide in Chongqing and she has contacted the foster mom (we call her mama G) and she is setting up a Skype account so hopefully the girls can call and see her while together. We e-mail back and forth but there has not been the site available.

It amazes me to look at the photos of Penny from a year ago and notice the huge change in her!

We will post pictures the next few days or so so everyone can follow the reunion!

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