Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally time to post photos

We have had a great time except for a rash of places not being open or a rain shower or two....Last night Sharla and the girls got to experience a Midwestern thunder storm all while Sharla kept the dumplings cooking on the stove! She sure is a trooper!

Just by chance last night I dialed the girls Foster mothers phone number which we have not been able to get thru on for months and she answered! Penny stumbled for quite awhile with her Chinese language and then after several deep breathes and false starts got started talking to mama G and had a wonderful conversation. Abby was able to say hi but really was not able to visit much...

Today my dad and Bev, Eric and Drew are coming for lunch. Dad, Bev and Eric were in China with us and know Sharla and the girls...Dad has called daily asking how the reunion has been going so will get to see first hand today.
I feel that it is important that the girls keep in touch and visit...we will have to continue making this happen!
Last night Sharla gave me a lesson in making dumplings and I was amazed to find out how easy they are...they will be made more often in this house! Penny, Abby, McKenzie and Vicky showed us their expertize in making the dumplings...Addie and Kate caught on pretty fast!

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