Friday, August 8, 2008

THE piano

After playing all the pianos at one store and saying NO to them...then going to the next store and playing all the piano's (thank goodness she did not like the $25,000 baby grand!) she sat and played this piano, at the end of the song Claude said she hit one of the keys with a ping stood up and said YES. The piano gets delivered Tuesday....She told me she wants to teach her little sisters to play piano....Claude is so sensitive to these girls..yesterday when they were in town he stopped at the store to let Penny "visit" her piano...she sat and played several songs he said...


Sandie said...

I cannot wait to hear Penny play the piano! What great details you have written. It is good to know how it is going for everyone. Thanks so much. Blessings to all! Yes, Claude is a softy! :)

Gresha said...

I have been checking on you now and then and you have been in my prayers. It sound like a very exciting time for your family! That piano will serve as catalist for some great memories in the future!
Gresha from Eddie Bauer