Friday, August 8, 2008

God putting words to my feelings...

(this note was prompted by our evening last night when I asked Penny if she understood what adoption meant. I was, as was Claude, very concerned that she was not understanding as she was suddenly very sad…after we ate supper we called our dear friend Eliana who speaks Chinese and was adopted 4 years ago…she translated all of this for us to Penny and Penny was weeping on the phone…the below note explains why)

Eliana has been a wonderfully perfect help to us and specifically to Penny last night! They spent a lot of time talking, I could hear them upstairs last night. It was a very late night...anyway she just called me to tell me what some of the conversation was about. She said that Penny told her she was crying as she was missing home, but mainly she was crying to have found out that we are her forever family, not foster parents etc..that we will always love her and care for her...and she was so happy she was crying. I still believe that God guides these adoptions and also that He puts words in my mouth at the appropriate times….why did I suddenly ask her last night if she understood what adoption meant? It could have only been that the moment was finally here that she needed the knowledge and reassurance that she was Home!

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Alyson & Ford said...

This post is just precious, wonderful; you write beautifully the stories of your family.My hubby and I are catching up on your story.
You sent us the pictures of Nanchuan SWI with our future daughter in them Alyzabeth (Nan Min Hua). Thank you so much, over and over!!
Your family is amazing!

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