Monday, August 4, 2008

Good bye tickles

On Wed evening Sharla and I spent a few hours in our room with the girls playing. Ended up they laid together at this point and were doing some great tickles. Penny asked me with later, after the last good bye was said how far Hong/Abby would live from us and would she see her again. Our daughter Vicky has a friend in VA, and now we have another East Coast connection of Abby in NC and then another foster sister in NJ of Abby and Penny' I bet we do get to the East Coast a few times in the nea future!

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The Eubank Family said...

These are GREAT pictures. Please keep them coming. I love it. My favorite is the tickle picture. I had to click on the piucture to enlarge it to find Eric and "there he was" what a neat pic. I can't wait to meet Penny. I stand in awe of how God has put your family together. Love ya lots, Vickie