Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day of school-2008

Today all the girls went to school. Kate is in kindergarten...just does not seem real! Penny and Vicky are both in fourth grade this year. Vicky was so successful last year that we jumped her to 4th from 2nd. We had put her in 2nd for the added help of the English language etc...she did so well she won her class spelling bee...Penny will get all the help she needs and have Vicky in the same room as her to help with language if needed...Addie went on her way to 1st this year. I am praying she remembers to put the Mrs. in front of the teachers name this year. Last year she called her teacher Paxson all Mrs. to it.

So now every morning I have about 45 minutes to myself..although here I was thinking a chapter of my book would be read, maybe do a better job curling my hair...a longer shower...what did I do? I checked all the rooms, threw in a load of laundry and headed into the office! Go figure....

Today we celebrate Claude's 50th birthday. The school all sang happy birthday to him and the staff all brought in brownies, cupcakes and rice crispy treats. It is fun to be celebrated this way.

We are still saying thank you's and prayers for Penny's adjustment. She is doing so well! She asked if she could call China today after her first day of school and I told her yes. I hope that goes well like the last calls have. Please say a prayer for Vicky's continued adjustment of a family...she is doing so well after the last couple weeks...

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Linda said...

Nice picture of all four girls. I laughed when I saw that your younger girls were wearing Hannah Montana shirts - all three of my girls would be envious. My 6-1/2 year old (Chinese) daughter has even convinced herself that she looks a lot like the infamous Hannah! - lol!

I also got a chuckle from your daughter who drops the "Mrs." title from teacher names. Our Abby does the same thing, and I am constantly reminding her that our 78 year old neighbor, Mrs. Schick, should NOT be referred to as "SCHICK."

The final similarity is that awful 5-0 birthday! We really do have a lot in common!