Friday, August 1, 2008

HOME AT LAST! 8/1/08

Hi, it's still Nan blogging. I'm sure Ruthi will be rested up soon and will take over the blog again. I'm happy to say that everyone arrived home in Illinois safe and sound! I talked to Claude this morning and he said everyone got home and was tucked in by 2:00 a.m. (flight got in very late Thursday night). The girls were all up by 8:00 a.m. the next morning (Friday)! Claude said that Kate, Vicky and Addie were so excited to finally have Li home that he felt he had to get Li some air - and so went shopping for a bike and a few things she needed at Walmart this afternoon. Ah, not even in America 24 hours and already being exposed to Walmart. :) Not only did Claude want to take her to the toy and bike aisle, but he wanted to take her through the groceries and see if there was anything that she would choose to eat. Imagine moving to another country and not even having any comfort foods available!! I know all the girls still eat noodles 24/7 - they even like them with eggs for breakfast.

So I was lucky enough to meet Li today. She is just beautiful. Ruthi describes her as being very lady-like and poised. I can see that immediately. Li knows very little English, but Vicky is her walking translator, as she was old enough when she was adopted to have a very well developed Chinese vocabulary. The world will be their oyster - I can see them in 15 years traveling the world --their valuable bilingual skills will open so many doors to them. Right now Li is using an electronic translator to help communicate with everyone who DOESN'T speak Chinese.

Can you just see Vicky and Li when they get a few years older chatting away in Chinese which their parents can't understand! Things could get very interesting at the Coats household!

Ruthi said she also realized today was the last day to sign up for school -so this morning was a rushed trip to school to sign up all the girls. Kate will be starting kindergarten, and Vicky and Li will both be in the 4th grade together. Addie will be in 1st. :) Ruthi and Claude say that Li has an amazing artistic talent - Claude said her drawings look like something that should be hanging in an art gallery. I can't wait to see! Li also plays the piano very well according to Ruthi, who was able to hear her play in a bookstore in China.


The Eubank Family said...

Welcome Home. I am thrilled that you are here and your family is all together. Wow that must feel great! I can't wait to meet Penny (Li). She sounds like such a HUGE blessing to your family. We love you all. Call when you get a minute. Vickie

Carol Hoffman said...

So glad to know everyone is home safe and sound. I've been checking the blog every day....anxious to see new pictures and hear news of the trip.
She sounds like an amazing girl and I agree with Nan.....the Coats' house is bound to be a very interesting place.
I admire you both for your generious gift to each of the girls and no doubt they will all be a blessing for you too.
I can't wait to make a trip out to see you guys!

Lori Petrie said...

Home at last!!!! Wow - what a journey for all of you. We can't wait to hear about everything. I hope you are getting some rest; the jet lag can be brutal. Congrats to you all. Thank you for blogging!!! (and thank you to your "ghost blggers"!) You are a very special bunch.
-Lori P.

laura said...

Yeah, the family is all together at home!!! I've been gobbling up every tidbit of information that I could get and it is wonderful to have an update. Penny is a lovely young lady. I am so looking forward to meeting her and seeing the whole family together.