Wednesday, July 2, 2008

School Shots-not fun to say the least

This afternoon was the last shot for Addie, to catch up her vaccines and for Kate the set of shots to start kindergarten. Addie was very brave as always and only had tears well up and not over flow....Katie Poo though started wailing the moment we walked in the door of the clinic and did not stop. To say that it was bad...not even a close description of the following 45 minutes. Kate says that Karyn is "not really my friend" after getting done with her shots...but Addie says Karyn is her best friend and wants to go back to see her. Thank you to Karyn and her helper...and we hope yet that no one out in the waiting room was to scared to go back and see her after them hearing Kate for the time we were there.
Tomorrow I hope we have our final travel info for the trip! It will be nice to have these all wrapped up before the 4th.

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