Monday, July 28, 2008


To continue the saga of happenings~last night when leaving a resturant here in GZ I ran into our guide Thomas from Vicky's adoption. What are the chances of that? How crazy!

Penny was a champ getting three shots AND oral polio yesterday. The poor thing. Today her arms are sore and I am giving her Tylenol. Bev and Dad were still with watches set on U.S. time and thought we left tomorrow ( I wish) so Bev was tickled for another day to shop. Today we go to the pearl market and jade market. The guide has us down for two hours there. We are asking him to send us early. Penny seems to be doing well. She is looking at her photos of her foster family now. I hope she does ok. Claude said the girls are all helping him ready the house for Pennys first sight of the place. They are all working hard. I am praying the Beijing airport has English printed books for the long ride home. Take care all.

For the girls at the office: I got almost all the purses. Lalette I have not found the one yet... :)

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