Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We finally have word from China

Hi! My name is Vickie and I am a friend of Ruthi and Claude. I helped Ruthi set up the blog and so she has asked me to maintain it for her since her computer died once she arrived in China.
Below is a story Claude wrote about Li Juan's new name. Get the Kleenex's ready.

Ruth and I decided that we should pick a name for Li Juan on the outside chance that she didn't have one already chosen. We weren't sure if she had one, would want one, or would like to keep her Chinese name as her first name. We always make the girls Chinese names their middle name. Well we struggled to come up with a name that we both really liked. Finally I ask if there was a way that she could contact someone that would know if Li already had a English so we could stop guessing. If she had already picked a name she wanted then that would be her new name. Ruth made some inquiries and was told that Li didn't have a English name picked out. So we went back to trying to figure out a name. After another day of tossing names around I decided I really liked the name Penny Li Juan Coats. I ran it by the other girls and they thought it was a very nice name. Ruth wanted to know what it meant. I told her it meant I liked the name. The girls agreed and at supper time on occasion would start chanting "Penny, Penny, Penny as though they were in a prison mess hall about to riot. I thought it was kinda cute. I don't know if Ruth thought it was. Finally we agreed to have a list of back up names in case she didn't like the name Penny. Fast forward to the day Ruth receives Li. Li arrives at the appointed place and Ruth ask the translator if he could ask Li if she had an English name she liked picked out. Li nodded her head yes and said her name was "Peney". Of all the names in the world this beautiful child could have chosen she choose the same name as we had. A few months ago we had our four daughter shared bedrooms remodeled. Ruth fixed the rooms up with a butterfly theme, butterflies hanging off of everything. When I looked at the dress that Peney was wearing I was absolutely blown away. She has a large butterfly on the front like the ones handing in her new room. No one will ever convince me that they are all coincidences. I truly believe that this beautiful child is and has always been our little girl just waiting for us to come and bring her home. Claude

As soon as the pictures the Coats's are sending me come through I'll post them. It may not be until tomorrow morning. But I'll try.


Linda said...

I LOVE this story. Over the years, my husband has convinced me that there are no such things as "coincidences." You're right, Claude - she has always been your daughter. You just had to find her!

Julie said...

Okay, I'm bawling! That is absolutely amazing...and like Linda said, there are no coincidences! I'm just so, so, so happy for you all! :)

Jen said...

Wow! Just...wow. It's amazing to see God's hand working it all out. I hope you have a good trip and wonderful days with Penny.

LucisMomma said...

Ruthi, I am just finding your blog from the Guizhou yahoo group. This story of Penny's name ia AMAZING. What a gift from God this is, what a gift SHE is, and what a gift you and Claude are to these girls.

All of your Little Women are beautiful!

love you,
susan mom to Luci from Guizhou