Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mother and daughter

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Tricia Headley said...

Ruthi and Claude, here in Missouri, we are so thrilled and happy for you and your new sweet Penny! We've been following your trip and couldn't wait to see photos. So sorry to hear about not being able to visit the foster family - maybe you could do a discreet phone call with the help of your guide to at least ask her any questions you have. Please feel free to contact Liu Lu (Makenna's foster mother) to relate anything to Penny's foster family. She is very kind and would be more than happy to help. Can't wait to read more about your trip and developing relationship. Makenna is anxious to talk with her on the phone when you get home! Take care and we pray that God continues to bless you and your growing family!

Hugs, from Tricia, Eric, Makenna and all the Headleys