Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm sorry we don't have pictures yet

Hi it's Vickie again. I still don't have pictures to post. I am posting an email I got from Ruthi about Li (Penny's) name. It tugged at my heart and I know it will yours too.

hey Vickie I am sitting here on the floor of the bathroom reading it is 3 am here. Maybe you can forward this back to Claude if you want but you don't have too. So emotional days Vickie. Can you just sit and imagine how my whole being was when I thought to ask again if she had an English name? My God Vickie It was like I was slapped. Bev was crying I was crying, it was just crazy. Penny I feel so far is so ready to be our daughter, and Eric has really been at bat for her and I. I admit I have been not a lot of fun as I still feel weak but at least better. But how God has put Claude and I on this path and how he has sent us these last two girls even with the English names we have chosen. It is more than awesome. just shattering. I just am not able to sleep right now so am reading here wishing Claude had the opportunity to share these moments. and you, you would be blind with tears! the foster mom through Penny sent us an invitation for coming to their house for a meal and a visit but the orphanage director said no. We did not tell Penny this but did tell her she can call her Friday to say goodbye again. Zoe and Helen are going to be here then, and I am going to have them talk to her for me and share the blog etc. which I feel will help. The little foster sister is doing amazingly well and just as cute as ever. Well I will close. take care and hopefully you can upload to the blog.

As I get other emails I will post them too. I did get one that said they went to Addie's orphanage yesterday. Things seem to be going good. Please keep them in prayer, not just the travelers and Penny, but also Claude, Kate, Addie and Vicky here at home. This has to be hard for Claude with his wife on the other side of the world with his new daughter. I know he is longing to wrap his arms around both and them and hold them. Therefore we will hold them all up in prayer right? Until next time.

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