Thursday, July 24, 2008

How We Spent Thursday

This is the email I received from Ruthi today.

Today Dad and Bev left us at 5 pm for a 4 day cruise on the Yangtze river~how amazing in a city of 32 million people that the guide that comes in to take them to the ship was the same guide that helped me in '05 for Addies adoption. Amazing too as he was amazed to see Min Lan's mom Min Lan being Addies chines name. Zoe and Helen from Zunyi City are here to see us. They were Vicky's English teachers. It has been wonderful having them here so Penny has someone to talk to. Eric went swimming and Penny put on her suit and did get in. Tomorrow is our last full day here. Oh we were at the book store and Vicky showed me how well she can play the piano. Tears were in my eyes. Vicky, Addie, and KateI love you....Claude I so appreciate the e-mails you send me. You know I have a hard time being here away from you all at home.

It is always so exciting to get Ruthi's emails. I'll keep posting. God Bless you all and keep holding the Coats Family up in prayer.

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