Saturday, July 26, 2008

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We have all of the paperwork and officially Li is our daughter on paper. To us it seems as though that was just a formality. She has always been ours she had Eric cut her bangs and then she had him retrim them about four times til they were perfect. I wonder how long before he drops this sister as a client. She is still doing so well, only this afternoon I did ask her if she was ok? She seemed sad...but she said she was ok and I left it at that. Tonight we are packing and get to head to "heaven." I mean Ghanzou (sp?). It is great there, not a city of 32 million people like we have been in here. For all of the luggage that we brought over with us, we are now able to put several empty suitcases inside of others.

The donations to Nanchuan were so welcomed and needed. I found that I went there thinking we had made such a change there vs. when Addie was there. I welcomed the visit....I now have a copy of Addie's finding note. Pictures of Addie on the first days she was at Nanchuan,she was so weak she could not stand on her legs and so bug bitten....they assigned a 24 hr a day caregiver to her for care. But I came away knowing that the only way the SWI will be changed for these children are with them being adopted. I feel so helpless it is difficult to describe it....Lori I have copies of Jay's footprint as a little boy. It is on a photo we took of his records. His finding spot was a long ways away they said.. I am sorry I was not able to get photos of it. We have a flight tomorrow to Gz.

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Lori Petrie said...

Ruthi -

One of these days I'll get to hug you! Thank you for checking on Jay's information and getting pictures/copies of anything. Just that you even thought of us during this time is amazing. I can't wait to catch up with you about Nanchuan. Mainly thank you for bringing Penny home. Praying and following - Love, Lori & Petrie family