Sunday, November 1, 2009


From Ruthi:

Woke up this morning to find it had snowed...and it just kept it up. I had tried to pack for every medical emergency possible, enough snacks for two weeks...stuff to layer in case of cool weather, but NO ONE told me to bring snow boots and a parka..or a sled to pack Qing in. So we all skipped the forbidden city tour and went to the mall to buy winter coats for the girls. I and carol just threw on another couple of layers. I guess the snow made world news. Claude got here tonight. His getting off the plane was delayed over an hour as they could not move the things up to the plane to let people off because of the snow. We plan and God laughs.

The girls are both doing very well. Extremely well in fact!

One of the families here are Kevin and Donna Carroll, our prayers are with them as Kevin's mom is extremely ill in the hospital back in the U.S. and he hopes to complete their adoption and leave tomorrow night and go back home to be with her. We also are praying for safe travels for him, and fast paperwork so that he can catch the plane on time.

Penny,Vicky, Addie and Kate: ...we hope you did great trick or treating. Remember to keep telling Aunt Carrie, Aunt Nan, Jodi and Andy thank you and that we all love them dearly for the care they are giving you all. Baba will be home Wednesday night with you! Kate, Baba used your elephant pillow on the plane and it really helped him to sleep. He said thank you!

It is time to be done writing ,girls, so here are prayers for you...Dear Lord, thank you for our wonderful daughters. Lord, as they go to sleep so beautiful, healthy and smart please Lord let them wake the same. We pray Lord that each of our daughters know how much we love them, and that we are so glad that You brought them to us Lord. Please let the girls rest well Lord.

Good night girls! We love you....

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