Monday, November 9, 2009

Update from Ruthi Monday 11/9/2009

Ok, first thing is a huge yurrah... Claude, I had not bothered to tell you as the stress was enough thru this trip. Morgan Xie's TB test had came back with numbers that were high thus she had to have an x=ray when she had her physical today. I had not told you because we were all certian that it was high because she has had a tb vaccine. This happened when we adopted Kate when given the tb test they react high. Personally all I kept thinking about was that I had not paid for the extended stay on the travel insurance in the event that the x-ray had came back positive. I had laid this wholoe problem down for God to handle and felt He would...which He did. Her x-ray is 100% clear thus all is well.

Morgan Xie had to have 5 shots today. 2 in each arm and one in her leg. We have came back to the room to rest and stay in where it is cool. They suggested the kids drink lots of water today and take it easy. Gracie Mei Qing had to have 4 shots. There were several ow's out of her while getting them. At lunch she was pretty quiet, and like I said we are back in the room to rest.

Ping Ping was not real happy about getting shots. In fact when the dr's came around he waved his hand and said no he was not one being adopted. What a sense of humor!

Tonight we do the river cruise and meal. As long as the girls wake up ok after resting, we will go. Tomorrow we have to stay in the rooms from 10:30 to 11:30 while Elvin is at the consulate. He will call if something is wrong. Pray for no ringing phones! Then tomorrow afternoon we go over to the pearl market and spend a bit of time there. We Elvin will take us shopping on Beijing street. I hope to line these two up with some clothes for school.

Dad and Bev are enjoying the trip...Bev is is carrying the bags :)


Kim Rudasill said...


It is always good to get those updates!! Will continue to pray that all goes well. Sorry to hear about your cough but glad that it is better.
Love and Prayers,

Sharla said...

Finally home from Africa and able to catch up! One of Abby's first questions was, "Have you seen Penny's new sisters?" I took care of that quickly... The girls are beautiful... So sorry for all of the complications, I can't imagine the stress! Laughing at the thought of Bev shopping and your dad carrying the bags... Please tell them hello!

Stay well! Hugs, Sharla