Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Official!

Another email from Ruthi:

ok they both said yes (to being adopted)...what a relief to be over that hurdle. i now have one red bead bracelt off and i have plans of loosing it today. i figure if i drop it on the street bead by bead thru out china that my heart and feelings will be spread like seeds....both girls get car sick so before we left we gave them meds to help. thankfully it does and we don't have to use the bags that the driver carries. we are sleeping 5 to the room. carol and morgan xie, me and claude and gracie mei qing.
we hope to get the papers this afternoon but who knows. beijing has its own way..not bad, just stating the facts.
i have attached the photos we took today...i think claude and i are both ready to collapse with relief that this paperwork seems fine and done. claude will have to write a letter explaining why he is heading home for the american consulate for their visas...i want to say this to everyone about my dad. friday when this came around that we had problems here with paperwork we were here in the room talking about the different avenues of fixing was to have to stay an extra week and/or longer. dad spoke up and said he would do what needed to be done and that included staying here with the girls and i.


Kris and Constantin said...

Congratulations Ruthie and family. What an ordeal....but what a wonderful outcome.

Kris in NY
(Mom to Chen Ziwei from Chongqing)

Four Times The Chaos.... said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Oh that is such a huge relief and such a happy day :)

Sharon and Michael said...

Wow Girl! What chaos. Love the pics .. post some more when you can. Congrats on having two more gorgeous daughters.