Sunday, November 15, 2009

leaving china-and we are home

We were able to get the girls passports and visas Friday night and catch the ride to the airport in GZ. Morgan-13-really has not cried thru this process and when it was time to say good bye Friday evening she was very sad and was crying saying good bye to Zoe. We kept moving forward, it will be ok. When we got in the van she huddled down in her seat with me and the next thing I knew there was Zoe rushing to Morgans side of the van. Hand to the window. Her mom Donna was there with her....The girls said good bye again, very quiet and sad, Elvin told them what Donna and I want them to know, that they will be able to communicate by phone and skype, that they will see each other in July...that they will always be in touch. Gracie was quiet but was not crying, dad and Bev and Carol all hugged everyone goodbye with tears, I knew if I had tears that I would finally just have to sit and cry so the action of moving forward was best.
After a very long evening of getting to the "correct" hotel and checked in, back up 4 hours later and to the airport to check in in Shanghai, and a long flight to Detroit, both of the girls did fantastic on the plane...we were lucky to have the monitors in the back of the seats and Gracie quickly figured out that there were games to play. Morgan as usual slept when in a vehicle...Carol, dad and Bev were all three in the row behind us...when it was time for Carol to leave us for her flight I did not wake up the girls from their sleeping, Gracie on the floor of the airport and Morgan stretched out on the seats..Carol said she would just cry and it was seemingly best to not get the girls started. Dad and Bev you guys are troopers, carrying all the extras...holding Gracie's hand for some balance...thank you. The last week Gracie has practiced the girls names, Penny, Addie, Kate...Vicky...and so was ready to move forward and meet the girls, Morgan was out in front as usual but boy when she say the girls in the airport she scooted right behind my dad and was not willing to come fact part of the time she would get Gracie and have her come sit by her while we were collecting luggage. Hmmm do we have a overwhelmed shy teenager? Everyone fit in the car, we got home and the girls showed all around, and finally bedtime came and I was laying here when Claude had went to check on everyone to have him come up and say Morgan was down there sobbing her heart out...I ran down and scooped her's ok, it's ok...and brought her up to our bed. She was just her some tylonel, tucked in our bed, sent Claude to the spare bed, water in a glass for her and held's ok. Really Morgan it will be ok....and she fell asleep for a few hours..I was woke at 2:30 am to her quietly crying we have been up. I asked her if she wanted to read and so raided by flash light Penny and Vicky's Chinese book collection. We have been up ever since...she has had two tangerines and me my TOAST< PEANUT BUTTER AND COFFEE!!! There is a God! Claude is up with her now and they are cooking some eggs I think. Thank you to everyone for your prayers, the supplied help and meals. I feel this journey of adoption is amazing, and what does God have in mind for these girls future's? Please continue following their lives as we will continue posting...In God's hands, The Coats Family


Mary Kate said...

Thanks for your posts, Ruthi! I hope things will get a little easier for the girls, and the jet lag slowly gets a little better! We really look forward, to your blog posts and want to thank you for taking the time to post during your journey.
Mary Kate
Dunlap, IL

laura said...

Oooh, Ruthi. Welcome Home. God is so very good. Looking forward to hearing more about the journey and meeting Morgan and Gracie.
Much Love,

Chris said...

Looking forward to following your journey with your 2 new additions

Four Times The Chaos.... said...

So glad you are home safe and sound. This is the beginning of such a beautiful new day for all of you!! :)