Monday, November 23, 2009

Home one week-my red beaded braclets

We have been home one week-Morgan started school last Thursday as a 7th grader. To be in a place where no one speaks your language except your sister who is not in the same grade I am sure is wearing, but after she told someone yesterday that she is not going to speak English, only Chinese, well I feel she may learn English sooner than she thinks since she will have to learn how to communicate more than a few screeches and finger pointing. Gracie is a 3rd grader and seems to be doing well. Her teacher just loves her but this mama's feelings are "who wouldn't?" I feel Gracie will pick up English faster than Morgan. Both girls are eating well and seem to be sleeping well too. Morgan is sleeping by herself now and Gracie still pleads to sleep with me....although she is sleeping in her own bed without complaining (she can sleep with me, she knows this, but I think the pleading is a game now)....both girls have been able to make several rounds through the department stores for clothes and shoes and Claude took them to Farm King for outside boots and winter coats. Yes they now have camo too!
I feel all of you have read about my red beaded bracelets...that each time we have committed to adopting that i put on a red beaded bracelet. They come from Wal-mart and are just a few dollars for a pack of several. When we finished Penny's adoption in 2008 I was not able to take off the bracelet and had worn it thru the time and it was still on while we adopted Morgan and Gracie which shows that it was built well and tough to withstand all that I put it thru. You have to remember that I never take them off as I feel the adoptions are "threatened" when i do. Well while in China this last time I kept meaning to take off my beaded bracelet and scatter the beads. Never happened...Saturday at church a lady shared with me that she had been praying about adopting a little girl that they sponsor in a split second I took off my bracelet and put it on her. I told her if she would read our blog she would see what the Red bracelet me it means strength, hope, life, my daughters, our family, health, love, Grace, and the future. Please wear the bracelet in all.


Mary Kate said...

I Love your red beaded bracelet story, Ruthie, I would love to meet with you sometime this winter and hear all about your have been an inspiration to us through your blog!

Mary Kate
Dunlap, IL

Joyfulgang said...

I love your bracelet story.
I hope and pray that the lady in your church will know the blessings of adoption.
North Carolina