Monday, November 9, 2009

Update froRuthi Monday Night 11-9-200

Here are some pictures from yesterday and last night. I washed Morgans hair and wrapped it up in a towel turban which she thought was pretty cool. Gracie was promptly up and ready to get the same... We went on the dinner cruise, no one got sick from the boat movement so all was well but just as we went up on the top deck it started raining so went back inside. They had a juggling act to entertain.

I am still dealing with Morgans behaviour of no one in 13 years telling her what to do. The last couple of days have been wearing as she just will not pay attention when told to stop running, watch out for the car, sit down, stop last night when she started running on the boat to go in out of the rain i grabbed her arm and told her to stop running, and let my anger show, then typed it in to the translator when inside. I then also typed in "stop complaining" to Gracie...she has down let's go, lay la (tired) i think if I keep consistent order going, it might stop.

I have been looking for some clothes for the girls but still have not found any except a couple of poor Gracie is stuck with the same pants over and over.... It is amazing how Gracie is able to do everything for herself, maybe not a button-- but since I brought no clothes with them I don't know. But the new shoes I got her-- she ties them!! I am nervous about her balance but she sure is not worried. There has been no falling down etc as I expected.

Morgan has gotten to where she is helping Gracie such as in the line and putting food on her plate etc.. but only as a big sister not as a caretaker. My cough is much better, I feel I can finally breathe and do not need to stuff a tissue up my nose every minute of the day.
I hope work is going well, I have tried to e-mail work people several times but they get returned to me as not accepted..must not need me :)

Today we go to the pearl market and have nothing to do until 3 pm so the girls and Carol are sleeping still!

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Four Times The Chaos.... said...

All in all, things sound like they are going really well! The girls are just beautiful. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better.... being sick over there is not fun. The know how it is...once you can get home and have some consistency and good role models, it all gets better. Anyway, stay healthy and have wonderful times with your girls...