Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update from Ruthi - Tues Feb 22

Tues Feb 22

From Ruthi:

Today we ate breakfast here at the hotel in Guiyang, China. It was raining a bit so we skipped going to the park where they have wild monkeys. We will go there Thursday instead. Today we went to two stores to buy some gifts from China. They are pictures (artwork) and some jewelry and other items to remember China by. We went to eat at KFC but could not read the menu so we came back to the hotel to eat. I had French fries and fruit. They do not have Pepsi here so I drank water. I want a Diet Pepsi SO BADLY! Tomorrow we are driving to Zunyi City, China. It will take us 2 1/2 hours to drive there. We will visit with some friends and we hope to get to go to the orphanage there so Tao Ming Zhu can take some of her friends some gifts. If we cannot visit then we will send them in the mail. Today we are really suffering some from jet lag and so are going to rest a bit this afternoon and then the girls have to do some homework. After that we will just rest again as we have a long day tomorrow. Here are some pictures...in one it shows you that we ate “hot pot.” It is where you have a pot of broth at the table for yourself and you pick out what you want to cook there. It was "ok."


Laura said...

Loving the updates, Ruthi. Thanks for all the pics! We were talking tonight about KFC and eating there in Russia. We were wondering if KFC was in China. Greg will be happy to hear they are!

China Dreams said...

I was desperate for a REAL Diet Coke by the time we got to Guangzhou. Not only could I buy them, but they were cold-so unlike the tepid Coke Free in Beijing. So there is hope for you and your Diet Pepsi.