Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thursday February 24 - What do you want to be when you grow up?

Today we went to an ancient village turned tourist trap :) But it was truly great. TMZ was game to put on the traditional Mao garb and get her photo taken. The other girls said no. Penny was forced to use the squatty potty and I seriously do not know how she managed since I am certian she was holding her nose with one hand :) We also saw tons of water buffalo along the highway walking. Carrie wonders how many mph they walk. We saw so much that really to describe it is so difficult. In all the people that we saw today we saw only 3 women expecting. Did you know that silver turning colors can tell you if water is safe to drink or not, the villagers use silver to tell them. We ate lunch at the ancient village...not too bad but Carrie and I agree we are trying Pizza Hut tonight. Yesterday on the way to Zunyi I asked the guide to ask TMZ what she wanted to do when she grew up. Her answer? (tissue moment) She said that until now she never had any dreams and now she can have them. That she might want to be a scientist, or a teacher, or a jewelry designer. I am so glad this child can have a dream now. And a we just have to figure out the English name issue...she uses Judy. She thinks Callie Jo sounds like a boys name. hmmm...

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China Dreams said...

I have a granddaughter named Callie, but I'd probably give her some choices that sound like Judy if that's what she uses. It's wonderful that she can dream now about her future! And I love the last photo with the livestock and cars sharing the smoggy road.