Monday, February 21, 2011

TMZ - Officially a Coats!

As you can see from the pictures, TMZ is officially a Coats and she is already very tightclose to her two new sisters. One of the things I talk to people about when adopting is you have to SEE that they are your child. You cannot adopt to "save a child" no matter how hard that have to have a connection.
In 2009 when leaving China, I tried to take off the red beaded bracelet and I kept putting it back on (read earlier blog posts about the significance of the red beaded bracelet and the red thread that has connected each of our children)...when leaving GZ, I saw a bracelet that was beads that reminded me of Zunyi City and TMZ...I bought that bracelet and have worn it ever since. I had this overwhelming feeling of "memory of TMZ and of leaving her behind in China." When the news arrived that we had first been able to find an agency that would help us find her paperwork, and then when we found her and then when we were approved to adopt her, I always was able to touch these beads at my reassurance of her and my memories. Even though she and I had never met--at home I had Vicky, who has spoken of TMZ probably every day. Vicky would talk of hoping TMZ was ok in China, and how TMZ wanted to come to the United States and be adopted. Oh how Vicky prayed for her friend TMZ to find a forever family.

So today the adoption paperwork was finalized. I spoke to the SWI people who questioned me if would we find a physician for TMZ’s back. They had always felt it was better to hope she would have a physician in the United States. I was able to tell them that Claude had found the #1 physician in the world and that he was about 3 hours from our home and we were making appointments for her to see him. They were very pleased, so much so that they asked for us to email them how and what we found out about her back.(TMZ has curvature of the spine) Today the paperwork was perfect. They announced to me that she is our daughter now...and I had tears rolling down my face. I kissed TMZ and said thank you to God for this child. This child that covered up in bed last night and looked at me and said “I love you mama.” So dear to my heart those words were!
When we got back to the hotel though, I was crying. I was crying because I realized that I had saved my daughter. Not adopted to save her, but my daughter was now saved as ours. I knew that she would be safe in our home, have enough food, have the proper medical care for her spinal condition, and have parents arms to hold her forever.
TMZ has really attached herself to her new sister, Penny. At supper tonight, anything that Penny did, TMZ was doing. I wondered at one point if Penny fell off her chair, if TMZ would too. At lunch, her plate of fried rice was served first. She passed it to us to share and we told her it was all hers, that our food would be here in a minute. (Note from Nan: I remember when Kate first came to her forever home with Ruthi and Claude – Kate would put her entire elbow in her bowl of food – a defensive motion to keep anyone from taking it before she could eat, I imagine TMZ was not used to large servings of food either.) Every article of clothing that I bought for TMZ today she said thank you mama. Penny showed her how to play a game on my Ipod and in about an hour it is lights out…tomorrow we are going to the park where there are wild monkeys. The last time I went there I was glad the wild monkeys did not show up. I sort of hope they don’t again. J

To Vicky: I asked the people from the orphanage if they will look in your file and give me copies of photos that may be there to see if they have any of you when you were very little and they said yes they will look. So maybe Wednesday we will have more photos of you. In a photo book that TMZ has there is a photo or two of you as you were growing up and in a “foster” family that I think you visited a few times…and a picture of you with him I think. You will see these when I get home. Vicky, the orphanage also asked me to show them photos of you with them so on Wednesday when we go there, I have photos of you for them to keep. I will take some gifts for the lady that bought you the new shoes, the tall gentleman, and the lady that came with you when you came to me to be adopted. I will take pictures of them to show you what they look like now. I do not know if I get to see inside the orphanage where you lived but I will tell you when we get back on Wednesday what I got to see ok? I love you. Penny, Carrie, and myself are all getting sore throats from the smoking and the smog. I barely have a voice. What is it with China and my throat? I always lose my voice. Give all the girls hugs and kisses and all my love. We will be home soon!


Sharla said...

What an utter blessing to read your post... It just made my heart sing to think of our Heavenly Father as I read your words as an adoptive mom... What a sweet realization that our Heavenly Father sees us (in advance) as His daughters (and Sons) and saves us for that purpose... And oh how He must love to hear "I love you daddy!" Thank you for that amazing post... I'm SO happy that things are going so well!! Love, Sharla

Linda said...

Your post made me cry. In fact, when I told Callie's story to my husband, I noticed him wiping a tear from his eyes as well. I am so thankful that Callie's long night is over, and she has come into the daylight of a forever family.