Sunday, February 20, 2011

2nd Update from Ruthi - Reunion Day for Penny and Morgan with their Foster Families!

we have arrived in Guiyang and are at the Ramada inn but we will be moving tomorrow-i think a tent outside could be not only cleaner but much better managed-I hope that the little space heater they brought Morgan and I to our room will help the chill. Carrie and Penny already in bed under several blankets so said they passed on heater. We have had a perfect trip so far-some highlights include American Airlines saying that our connection was too short of a time and moved us right down the line to Delta...thank you! The flight to Beijing was great...Carrie and I figure we are on the "Lose 16 pounds" plan and the plan food except for the cookies have been a good start. I slept the bulk of the way as did Morgan but Penny and Carrie were hit and miss. We got to the hotel and I knew Penny's foster mother was already there -- but the biggest surprise was when we walked in and there was a piano just sitting front and center stage. Needless to say Mama G got a very emotional and heartfelt piano concert given to her before the guards at the front desk scattered us away. She and I both had tears at this child's success. Mama G spent the whole day with us visiting the Great Wall and then she went on her own to T. of all also was all of my worries were needles when Morgans foster family came. What basic lovely people this family is. They brought their two daughters and an aunt to Morgan (foster) and they brought Claude and I a Beijing duck! yep cold in the bag!!! hummm What am I to do with that? Mama g was so thankful for the gift when i put it on the plane with her, Morgan was crushed that we were not going to eat it but i asked her if she liked it and she sid "never had it"! How funny. They also brought us a huge gift of tea. Lovely people and I pray to always stay in touch with them. They raised Morgan from not yet walking age to 11 years old....Morgan reduced the mother to tears when she gave her a coat that Morgan and I had found for Morgan for the trip....the coat is now on a lady that I am sure needs it. Carrie is doing great but is tired. I am doing great but tired...Morgan hit the wall today about 6 pm...and Penny followed shortly thereafter....Morgan though, relishes Chinese tv so guess what she is doing here now at 1:30 am?? That will end soon. We get TMZ tonight at 7 pm. I wished that we had been able to Skype it but we get her at the adoption office...we will Skpe shortly after! Say a prayer for her please....signing off....R and the rest of the crew

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Linda said...

I'm glad I happened to check to see if you had recently posted. You can bet that I'll follow on this adoption journey like I have on several of your others. I love the story behind Callie Jo, and I am so excited that you are bringing her home.