Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Birthday-today!!!

Every year I look forward to my birthday as everyone should! It is your day....celebrate! So today is my birthday. 49 years ago my parents welcomed me (hopefully) into this world in Peoria, IL. I had red hair and the baby pictures I have seen shows a huge curl of hair on the top of my head...A few days later when my parents took me home from the hospital there was a huge snow storm, my dad says the worst he had ever drove in. Fast forward to today and my e-card from dad and mom said Happy Birthday, no snow in the forecast! I ask where are the tulips?
Yesterday was a very long day for me here at work, I was dealing with a rejected load of feed and it seemed as though the day would never end and it kept going thru my head that boy I feel old, and tomorrow I will be! But you know, am I old? Am I young? Am I medium? What I do know is I am a Christian, I am happy, I am a wife and a mom and my family loves me...that I have lived a wonderful life and pray that this continues. If not then I know that I will be with our heavenly Father, but right now this is where I am.
In the office we always celebrate birthdays with lunch out and a cake, gifts etc....I have been so busy with the house, the girls, and work that I really sort of blew off today and in fact last night felt bad that I "slighted" everyone out of a cake today since I did not ever answer the question of what kind of cake should we get? So last night I made a pan of chocolate chip bars and brought them in to be totally 100% surprised that my favorite Lemon Cake was delivered!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We are going out to lunch this Friday. Tonight the girls and Claude have gifts at home, Kate slipped and told me this morning that none of them liked the scarf that I had marked so Baba (Claude) bought it for me :) and Vicky was rolling her eyes that Kate told and I whispered it was o.k. she is only all was fine. Happy Birthday to me!

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The Eubank Family said...

I hope you had a great day. I'm glad I got to talk to you. So did the present opening party go well. I can't wait to see the scarf. Love Ya, Vic