Friday, March 6, 2009

House construction update and pink paint-lots of it!

Here are a few photos of the interior of the great room/dining room....the 4 girls and I went today and got 5 gallons of pink paint and one gallon of light lime paint for the two bedrooms....we even managed to find a pink ceiling fan for the one bedroom, go figure! To give you an idea of the size of the room, the one photo that has all the windows in it, between the sets of window's there is 15 feet, and that wall I have figured as my photo wall. There are even spot lights set up that I can use to high light the photos. We have planned an 18 foot long dining table that Claude is building that will go on the end of the room where the tile is and then the other end is for the t.v. and living room furniture. We hope to figure out how to have one of the pianos in that area also but have not gotten that floor plan figured out. I am still hoping my friend Vickie will be up to help me figure out some of this...she did such a great job for her sister and her own home is so nicely decorated (hint hint) I love the ceiling fans, Claude found them and suggested them. They really fit the style of our home. We look forward to being done soon and getting the t.v back out of storage!!! Please keep checking back for updates...oh, grandma and grandpa if you are checking out this update Addie had the cell phone in her hand taking photos the same as I was. She leaves for school every morning handing me the phone asking if I will charge it up while she is gone. It is the best gift ever. I cannot imagine if it were hooked up to call a real call how many minutes she would have racked up. She is "on" it all the time!


Sharla said...

What an awesome room! I can't wait to see the pink and lime rooms with the pink ceiling fan...Abby would be in heaven!!

laura said...

Your house is going to be spectacular. We are enjoying our house so much now that Vic got her hands on it! I'm sure that she would enjoy helping you as well. Happy belated birthday to Addie!