Sunday, March 15, 2009

Construction lesson, and work

Another lesson learned about construction...that when you supply the materials to the labor, and when it won't work the first time and there is a solution offered and it does not work then to read the directions on the materials...who would have that that a floor tile could not be laid "below grade"? We supplied the floor tile as shown to the contractor and they laid it on the concrete floor in the lower level, it curled up, they suggested a different glue, they relaid the tile, it curled then all of the girls, and I, picked up and hauled out the floor tile that Claude scraped up....what a mess!! Made for a nice fire...and prayers for this construction be done soon!

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The Eubank Family said...

So that was the problem. You can't lay it below surface level. Who would have thought that. Most basements I know of have tile in them. It must have been that particular tile.