Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Adoption update

Yesterday was a milestone moment! I mailed off the I-800a application to the people in Chicago that will then send us one letter confirming they got the application...then they will send us another letter giving us an appointment to drive to Chicago to get our finger prints done again no matter that we have been finger printed for each of the last four girls adoption and no matter that we have been finger printed for each girls adoption at the local sheriffs office and no matter that we are registered already with the state as foster parents eligible for once we get that appointment we will drive to Chicago and be first in line so we do not have to wait hours.
Then after they have the finger prints checked (I guess that is what they do with them?) then they will issue a new and improved 171 form. This form allows us to send all of the needed paperwork to China!
This time it will be a bit different for me to do the paperwork since we are adopting two little girls as I will have to send off two in the past when I carried a back pack holding all of these papers when I traveled to China and had room for a few extra things in the back pack, I imagine this trip that it will be full! Hopefully Eric won't mind lugging it occasionally! So current time line for the 171 form is averaging 50 days I hear, and if that holds true then I expect to be able to be dossier to China (DTC) by May 15th at the latest. Travel could be still in line for Aug to Sept if we can have both dossiers travel together and stay together! wonder if I tie them together with Red Thread if it would help?
We have not yet sent a package to the girls as we have not gotten pre-approval for the littlest soon as we get that we will send out a package. Claude and I would like them to get it the same time so hopefully if they know each other they can try to bond a bit as sisters and share together if nervous etc.....
This Friday is the re-adoption day for Penny and Vicky here in the U.S. and we will all attend this. We plan on eating out afterwards to celebrate. By doing this re-adoption we will have their citizenship done shortly afterwards and be able to apply for their passports too. Since the two are hoping to travel with me this fall to bring home the girls we have to stay on top of getting this done!

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The Eubank Family said...

glad the re-adoption went well. Once you are pre-approved for our next two will wee have pictures?