Saturday, January 17, 2009

sorry---extra post

I said in the below post above Zero in the title...we have had horrible weather this past week. Broke weather records her and on Thursday morning we saw -30 degrees....just plain scary! Also anyone reading this--throw me any ideas you have about our next vehicles! ^ children and two adults...hmmm! I am wondering if a stretch limo is possible Hey there has to be a few used ones out there av now because of the poor economy I would think! We could just paint it to be a "regular" car color and maybe we would blend in?? :)


The Line of David said...

I had some friends with 7 children, they had a 15 passenger van and it seemed to work pretty well.

Kristen Martin

btw i'm Liz Koster's daughter and i love reading your blog

Sandie said...

You need to talk to Bill & Stacy Allison at NW, who have 6 children and there are a couple of other families I can think of with that many or more. I think they all have 15 passenger vans.

laura said...

Hey Ruthi,
The Ford Expedition comes with seating for 8, and you can get it with AWD, good for the kind of weather you guys get. If you want better gas mileage, a minivan would be a better way to go.
The Toyota Sienna comes for seating for 7 or 8, and you can get it with AWD, too, if you wanted. They are on the high end for mini vans but there have to be some deals available now. Maybe returned from leases or repos? I know a few people that have the Sienna and they LOVE it. New car, addition on the I recall, you guys do have a pretty big dinner table, don't you? You should be covered there.
Love ya,

The Eubank Family said...

Girl friend you will NEVER blend in! You are definitely passed the point of no return for that.
We are good friends with the Bill & Stacy Allison, they do have a van. I'm not sure if it is a 15 passenger or not.
Laura seems to have some good ideas with the Expedition and the Sienna.
We got our girls from Korea on Saturday. They are beautiful inside and out. Can't wait for you to meet them.