Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years

As we entered 2009 we asked for blessings of our children, for those at home and also the ones that are grown and gone from home and those that have not yet entered our home in person! we wait for all of the paperwork to go thru for the adoption of our daughter all the while with another little girl in our hearts that we pray for....our family is doing well! Penny has accepted that Claude is always going to tell guests in our home that she can play the piano, Vicky is starting Tia Chi lessons next Saturday and the other three girls are taking art lessons. It will be fun to have a filled Saturday morning, I just hope this winter weather holds.
The house building on is going well. We ordered the lights and are looking at some cabinets for the tv room...The girls go back to school tomorrow, this break for the holidays has seemed like a very long one, I am certian they are all ready to go back and see their friends and continue learning.

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